Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Okay so I just posted, but I need to again. Ya know that cute little owl on a branch I use at the end of every post? Do you remember that little graphics I add every once in a while? (all from shabby blogs) Well, I guess I am not going to use them anymore because blogger changed how you insert a picture and stuff and when I try to do it, it doesn't come out right. Why do things always have to be changed??? I am tired of every freakin website "fixing" things that are NOT broken. Facebook does it. Myspace does it. Everything freakin does it and it pisses me off. Really. You are NOT making improvements. All you are doing is making things are difficult and annoying. Things were simple and easy and all you really did is make tit more difficult. I'm considering moving my blog to the tumblr I recently made. Ugh. I am so aggravated. A bad mood was already stemming, but not it is in full force because of stupid people who run stupid websites.
(no owl here because of you, stupid people who design blogger.)
ugh. err. gah. sheesh. umph. Same old story, so I will get to the point. I am tired of this crap. People need to be straight forward and not beat around the bush. They need to not put people under false impressions. They need to not lead people on. Be real with me and we will be dandy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

post via nook

Soo... i am writing this post from my nook instead of my laptop so i wont bother much for correct grammer or sspelling errors. Bear with me. Im not eexactly sure what i want to say but i know i need to write. I know i need to say something.i may just babble on and on about unimportant things or nothing at all rezlly. I just havent compiled any of my thoughts lately. I have so many thoughts in my bead at the moment. They are all zooming past each other in my mind. Im not sure where to start. Hmm. I think i am just going to make it simple and make a list of all my random thoughts.
1. I cant wait to get married.
2. I hope my dog knight doesnt pee or poop in the house.
3. I really dont want to wake up at 530 to take knight outside so he doesnnt do #2
4. I think i tend to like guys out of my league. Is that the answer?
5. I find it extremely rude when you invite someone to do something over text and they dont reply and that means no. Seriously... just reply and say no.
6. I found a wedding dress i am in love with
7. I cant wait to fall in love.
i cant wait to move out.
Im dropping the numbers now.
i want to be ecstatic happy.
I have stomachecramps...blah
a lot of the time i feel like no one pays attention to me.
I want to be certain
i am sleepy
Im not sure i can go tosleep
I like to snuggle
i wish i had someone to snuggle with right now
Its probably a goood thing no one reads my blog.
Im not gonna lie...i kinda wish people did.