Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Okay so I just posted, but I need to again. Ya know that cute little owl on a branch I use at the end of every post? Do you remember that little graphics I add every once in a while? (all from shabby blogs) Well, I guess I am not going to use them anymore because blogger changed how you insert a picture and stuff and when I try to do it, it doesn't come out right. Why do things always have to be changed??? I am tired of every freakin website "fixing" things that are NOT broken. Facebook does it. Myspace does it. Everything freakin does it and it pisses me off. Really. You are NOT making improvements. All you are doing is making things are difficult and annoying. Things were simple and easy and all you really did is make tit more difficult. I'm considering moving my blog to the tumblr I recently made. Ugh. I am so aggravated. A bad mood was already stemming, but not it is in full force because of stupid people who run stupid websites.
(no owl here because of you, stupid people who design blogger.)

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