Saturday, June 11, 2011

post via nook

Soo... i am writing this post from my nook instead of my laptop so i wont bother much for correct grammer or sspelling errors. Bear with me. Im not eexactly sure what i want to say but i know i need to write. I know i need to say something.i may just babble on and on about unimportant things or nothing at all rezlly. I just havent compiled any of my thoughts lately. I have so many thoughts in my bead at the moment. They are all zooming past each other in my mind. Im not sure where to start. Hmm. I think i am just going to make it simple and make a list of all my random thoughts.
1. I cant wait to get married.
2. I hope my dog knight doesnt pee or poop in the house.
3. I really dont want to wake up at 530 to take knight outside so he doesnnt do #2
4. I think i tend to like guys out of my league. Is that the answer?
5. I find it extremely rude when you invite someone to do something over text and they dont reply and that means no. Seriously... just reply and say no.
6. I found a wedding dress i am in love with
7. I cant wait to fall in love.
i cant wait to move out.
Im dropping the numbers now.
i want to be ecstatic happy.
I have stomachecramps...blah
a lot of the time i feel like no one pays attention to me.
I want to be certain
i am sleepy
Im not sure i can go tosleep
I like to snuggle
i wish i had someone to snuggle with right now
Its probably a goood thing no one reads my blog.
Im not gonna lie...i kinda wish people did.

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