Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Acting Foolishly.

Lately I have been experiencing a lot of loneliness. It is a horrible feeling. I am constantly trying to console myself and fill the void that I have. I try to fill it with friends, activities, guys, and plenty of other things. These things help for the moment, but as soon as they are gone, so is the good feeling. I know what the problem is. I am trying to fill a void that only God can fill. I know this with my head, but for some reason it isn't translating to my heart. The fact is, I need to spend more time with God. I know that, but I still don't do it. It is like I doubt His power. It is like I doubt His awesomeness. I don't want to doubt God. I want to feel secure in Him. Why do I keep holding on to the worldly things that will fail me? Why? I am foolish; that is why.

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