Saturday, December 10, 2011


So, recently I have noticed something, and it is really beginning to irk me. I know a few people who recently got married at a young age, and then their husbands joined the military. I can only imagine how hard that is, especially as newlyweds. The thing that is bothering me, though, is the way these young girls talk. I am beginning to talk like well my husband is fighting for this....our husbands are fighting for that... Hm. I can't really articulate the way they are just doesn't sound the same when I say Well, let me just describe it, opposed to giving an example. These girls are talking like their husbands are the only ones fighting. They are talking like nobody else knows what it is like to have loved ones risking their lives. That is really irritating to me. I have a sister and three brothers that are/were in the army. One brother went to Afghanistan towards the beginning of this war. Another brother went to Iraq twice, and will probably be heading out for a third time over seas before too long. Soon two of my three sister will live out of the country because of the army. One of my nephews and my niece are going to be out of the country. Just because they aren't fighting doesn't mean I don't know what it feels like to have someone gone. They are living in other countries to work, and support their husbands who are fighting. Plus, like I already said, I do have people in my family going to the middle east and fighting. These days, almost everyone has a family member or friend who is in the military fighting for our freedom. Yeah, your husband is fighting, so it my sister and two brothers. Don't forget about my brother who already fought. Don't talk or act like you are the only person who is going through that, or the only person whose family is fighting for our freedom. I'm grateful your husband is, but he is NOT the only one. Don't act like I don't know what it feels like, and don't act like I am not appreciative, or you are the only one who is truly appreciative. You are not. The End.

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