Thursday, April 21, 2011

finding my way home.

So, it seems like the thing everyone from church does after high school is try out new churches. Why is this? I'm sure it is different for every person, but I m beginning to realize why I feel the need to do so. I have gone to the same church all 18 years of my life. Sure I have visited other churches on occasion, but not really with the mindset of looking for a church home. Some people at my church make looking for a new church seem taboo. They spout out stuff like "You already have a church home," or "Don't date the church." They look down on me and other teenagers who have the same desires. I've had people tell me that the music doesn't matter, if you don't like something it doesn't matter; you are there for God. I agree with the last part. I am there for God, but where my opinion differs, is saying that all those things don't matter at all. If those things didn't matter at all, why is there so many churches with different styles. I am not saying I want to join a different religion, or even stop going to church. Not at all. I am saying I want to meet and befriend new believers, hear new people share the gospel, and worship with a new group of voices. As long as I am still with fellow believers, learning, and worshiping is it that bad that I go to a new venue? I never got the chance to find a church home. I was in my parents church home. Maybe I will go check out some other churches and decide to go to one of them. Maybe I will decide my church now is my church home... who cares as long as I am following Christ and growing in my relationship with him? Church can be anywhere where I am surrounded by fellow believers worshiping our God.

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