Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Am I To Say?

"Slow Me Down"
-Emmy Rossum
"Rushing and racing and running in circles, moving so fast I'm forgetting my purpose. Blur of traffic is sending me spinning, getting nowhere. My head my heart are colliding chaotic. Pace of the world I just wish i could stop it. Try to appear like I've got it together. I'm falling apart. Save me,  somebody take my hand and lead me. Slow me down. Don't let love pass me by, just show me how because I'm ready to fall. Slow me down. Don't let me live a lie. Before my life flies by, I need you to slow me down." What an amazing song. I often feel like this. The line that pops out to me most is "My head and my heart are colliding, chaotic." How many times do we deal with that as humans? Logically we should do this, but we do something else instead, because our hearts are telling us too. I think I too often let my heart have the best of me. But, at the same time, I tend to be a person who lets logic control too much of my life. I need to find a balance. It is hard though. I wish I could skip ahead about 7 years. I just want to be married, finishing my education, starting my career, and enjoying the future God has planned for me.

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