Monday, March 28, 2011

"love may make you blind, kid"

I love the feeling I get after I read a good book. It is a feeling I can't quite find anywhere else, from anything else. It is very distinct. There is a ride a good book can take you on. There are undeniable highs, and unfathomable lows. I connect to the characters. I feel for the characters. I am not a person who needs to get some big meaning out of every book. I do not need to analyze it past the point of enjoyment, and dissect every sentence. I just enjoy. I love to take the book for what it is on the surface....a story. Of course there are books that really make an impact, and change my way of thinking, but even those, there wasn't much of analyzing the was more analyze my feelings towards the books. I like fictional books. I like happily ever afters. It allows me to escape from reality for a while and just get lost in the magic of a good story. I love the solace, the calm, the pastoral feeling that engulfs me. It is peace in a world that is often not peaceful. It is an offering of hope. 

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