Sunday, March 6, 2011

Totally Exposed.

-Walker Hayes

I think I am a jerk magnet. Where are all the nice guys?...nice people in general. I am tired of being used and then thrown out like the trash. Why is it not enough to be friends with me? Sheesh. Special note for the jerk of the month.
        Dear Jerk,
             I was straight with you from the beginning. Did you think you could change my mind? Well guess didn't. Now I know you were just a jerk like half the guys in the world. You said I was a really good friend, but apparently not...  Apparently that was just a line, because as soon as I made it exceptionally clear that that was all we are, you bolted. Whatever. My opinion of you was totally diminished. One day you will want my trust back...Good luck trying to get it. 
                 the person who was your friend when everyone else was gone. 

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